Dreamhost – 通过刷新 DNS 来更新网站的 IP

dreamhost IP space to be closed U.S. how to do? It does not matter, you can replace the IP. Here we are referring to the next DNS update method.

1 point landing control panel “Domains>>> Manage” to enter the domain control panel

2, point below the domain “DNS”

3, a new page in the mid-point of the blue “GO” you can refresh the DNS, IP will be replaced after the commencement. DNS refresh refresh in 12 hours only once. If you change the IP, just is Blocked IP. It can only wait 12 hours after the refresh, or add with a sub-domain method to replace. Please add a method sub-domain name search site inspection.

4, which is refreshing after the prompt success of entry into force requires some time.

Another: If a fixed IP, so long as the IP to lift, re-added, IP will be replaced. Another point to note is that using this method, make sure to use the dreamhost domain name resolution of the NS. If the domain name resolution useless dreamhost the NS, you can add sub-domain method used to replace the IP address. Site detailed description can be find on their own.

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