MySQL 图形工具 —- MySQL-Front

mysql数据库的可视化图形工具,主要特性包括多文档界面,语法突出,拖拽方式的数据库和表格,可编辑/可增加/删除的域,可编辑/可插入/删除的记录,可显示的成员,可执行的SQL 脚本,提供与外程序接口,保存数据到CSV文件等。

MySQL-Front version 5.1


软件截图 :

Data Browser Screenshot of MySQL-Front shows an easy to use GUI implementation of a MySQL Table viewing and editingMySQL-Front is a graphical GUI for the MySQL database. Because it is a “real” application, it can offer a more refined user-interface than is possible with systems built on PHP and HTML. Response is immediate, as there is no delay of reloading HTML-pages.

As a Windows GUI application, it has total control of the graphic display, information can be presented as clearly as possible. Your data is presented in a table with resizable column-widths and sorting capability.

If your provider allows it, MySQL-Front can make direct contact with the database. Otherwise, only one small script needs to be installed on the publishing website. Login information (and passwords if wanted) are stored on your hard disk, so you no longer have to log on to different web interfaces.

MySQL-Front presents a uniform front-end for all of your current database projects. In practice, you can work with the database of your choice after only a few clicks.

Object Browser Sreenshot of MySQL-Front shows an easy to use GUI implementation of the table structure a MySQL databaseDefining and managing the database-structure, importing data, editing data is now simple with this full-featured program. For designers with only a basic grasp of databases, this program is the way to go to make you independent of SQL gurus.
MySQL-Front makes working with MySQL databases a snap without hiding the language from the user. The built-in SQL Editor provides syntax highlighting and context sensitive help, so even working with SQL commands and scripts will be a matter of convenience.

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